If you have landed on this page, chances are you, or someone you love is facing one of the most difficult times of their lives.  You have been charged with a criminal offense in Washington State, or your loved one has.  Perhaps you have lost someone and are looking to reconnect with them. Or, maybe your spouse of twenty-years has filed for divorce and is asking that you rarely or never get to see your children. 


Legal challenges approach you from the most direct and indirect pathways.  They take many shapes, but all have the power to disrupt your emotional and financial well-being.  When legal challenges touchdown in your life, it is like a tornado has landed in your backyard and found you without a proper storm-cellar.  It’s daunting. It’s destructive. Everything comes apart; luckily, having a seasoned professional at your side improves your odds for a positive resolution to your legal problem. 


My name is Lew L. Humiston, and I am the seasoned professional that you need. 


I began my career as a criminal defense investigator working for the Society of Counsel Representing Accused Persons in 1997.  I honed my professional investigative chops working all felony, misdemeanor, juvenile offender and sexually violent predator cases until I left SCRAP in 2005 to open Humiston Investigations.


I am a graduate of the Highline Community College Paralegal Program and hold a BA and an MFA.  I’ve worked with some of the best attorneys in the criminal defense realm and have also spent considerable time working as a family law paralegal. 


I’m a member of the National Defender Investigator Association  (NDIA),  and  I’m a licensed, bonded Washington State investigator


I have substantial paid, working experience as a criminal defense investigator, supplemented with accredited legal education; you aren’t paying for my learning curve.


I believe in our adversarial justice system and the right of every accused person to have a fair trial that is buttressed with aggressive, ethical representation.  A fair trial cannot exist without quality representation and quality representation cannot exist without the presence of a good investigator.


If you’re up against it, give me a call. 


Washington State Private Investigation Agency License No.: 2141

Washington State Private Investigator License No.: 4025


Follow this link for a complete list of Washington State collateral consequences, as well as all other states:  For some, time cooling their heels in a jail cell is only the beginning of the pain they are going to suffer as a result of a criminal conviction. Other consequences include, but are not limited to:


  • Loss of professional licenses

  • Termination and or limitation of parental rights

  • Loss of the right to vote

  • Loss of the right to possess firearms

  • Loss of the right to act as the guardian of someone’s person or estate

  • Loss of the right to sit on a jury

  • Ineligibility to keep and to get many jobs

  • Forfeiture of any property the State determines is associated with your crime

  • The suspension and/or loss of your driver’s license

  • Dramatically elevated insurance costs

  • Ineligibility to act as a registered agent, or other personal, legal representative

  • The loss of your good reputation and standing in your community

  • Certain sex-case convictions can lead to a civil commitment, with a slim chance you’ll ever be released back into the community

  • Crippling financial fines, registration fees, treatment costs, ignition interlock fees, probation expenses and other, assorted fines.  Note: Failure to meet your post-conviction financial obligations often leads to contempt of court actions and revocations of settlements negotiated as part of the plea-bargain process.


Do you think it’s expensive to hire an investigator?  Spend some time calculating the costs associated with the collateral consequences listed above.  With these stakes, you can’t afford not to hire a professional.

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More than twenty years' professional, legal experience

You aren't paying for my learning curve. I didn't graduate from some fly-by-night investigation correspondence course. Clients have been putting their trust in me for more than twenty years.  I've made a living doing this work and getting results for my clients.


Experience Matters

I’m well-qualified to handle all your felony, misdemeanor, juvenile offender and sexually violent predator investigations. I’ve spent most of my career working on behalf of criminal defendants and devote most of my practice to criminal defense case-work.



Note: I handle criminal defense and missing persons cases.  If you are looking for some other type of investigation, I can't help you. Emails sent through this contact portal are not protected by any legal privilege. If you have not signed a client agreement with me, I do not represent you. Emailing me from this website does not create a business relationship with me.

Washington State Private Investigation Agency License No.: 2141

Washington State Private Investigator License No.: 4025

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